Vehicle Gallery

Here is a gallery of some of the cars completed by mint condition.

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Fiat 124 spider

This Fiat 124 Spider received the mint condition package. 


Duration: 9 hours in total

Alfa Romeo Spider

This Alfa Romeo Spider received the three star treatment plus the following upgrades.



  • Glaze bodywork

  • Interior deep clean

Ford Mondeo

Fire Extinguisher Damage

This Ford Mondeo received a stage 3 interior deep clean.


The owner contacted me after a fire extinguisher had been discharged. 

As you can imagine the powder made its way inside every little crevice possible, the seats, roof lining, carpet, dashboard, underneath the seats, the boot and right down into the air vents.

VW Beetle 1300

This VW Beetle received an Enhancement package.


The car suffered from severe oxidisation and lack of gloss. The owner and myself agreed on lightly machine polishing the surface to remove the oxidisation and return the gloss, clarity and a deep lustre.

Mould Removal? We kill mould for fun!

mint condition offers a specialist biological cleaning service to completly eradicate mould, blood, urine, vomit and bad odours.


Pet hair removal

mint condition offers a complete pet hair removal service. We can even remove seats, door cards and carpets to completely deep clean the vehicle interior.