Jaguar XF

This Jaguar XF received the mint condition package.


Here is a testimonial that the owner of this vehicle wrote.


After over 40 years of caring for my own motors cleanliness and shine, I realised that through "maturity" and too many aches and pains, that I could no longer maintain my "anal" standards any longer.


So, I bit the bullet and for the first time ever, employed someone else to "do" my pride and joy.


I made a few enquiries and drew up a very short list of possible detailer candidates. One chap impressed me a little more than others and after I had "grilled" him about his techniques and checked out his range of kit and equipment, I decided to give him a whirl ( under supervision, naturally ).


To cut a long story short, I was greatly impressed with this chap's standard of workmanship and his attention to detail. He worked almost without a break for nearly 11 hours and transformed my car. I thought that I knew how to keep a car looking good but this fellow is professional. He didn't mind my almost constant watching and numerous questions and indeed seemed to welcome my interest.


I rarely recommend workmen of any trade but in this case, I'll make an exception. I stress that I have no connection with this chap and his business other than being a customer.

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